No matter your printing style - we insure that these colors will work perfectly for your suite!


Flat Offset Printing:

Flat Offset is a flat, matte style of printing. The printing machine lays a fine layer of ink right onto the paper, making the print a vibrant tone. This printing style can be used in all our suites and is best on hand-made paper.

Thermography Printing:

Thermography is a printing style that features a raised finish with a slightly shiny finish. Thermography is completed by laying a fine powder overtop of the paper while the printed ink is still wet and applying heat to seal the print and achieve the raised effect. This is a great option for anyone that wants some texture to their print, but might need a budget-friendly option.

Letterpress Printing:

Letterpress printing creates a relief or "pressed" look in the paper by impressing the ink with a metal or hard plastic. Originating from Gutenberg's invention of the printing press, letterpress has been a popular form of printing since the 1400s. Letterpress is a very high-end option and quite the timeless and elegant look.