You're engaged and planning a wedding.

Every decision that you make between now and your big day
will require serious thought, consideration and planning. 
At Brown Linen, we are not just a "paper shop", but a team dedicated
to the creating beautiful communication for your event. 

So how are we different ?

We specialize in high-quality products with hand-drawn elements,
such as illustrations, sketches, paintings and calligraphy.
All of the lovely lettering that you see within our products are hand-drawn,
and would not be able to be found in a stock set of fonts.
Every piece is custom made

"We believe that your love is a masterpiece, and creating paper goods
to represent that love should be a masterpiece too."

The Process

To make things as simple and easy as possible, we've designed two pathways
for you to choose from when working with us.
Both paths provide the quality, incredible customization options
and creativity that we consider to be our unwavering standard.

- The Collection Experience -

The collection provides a series of beautiful and timeless templates
that create the foundational structure you need to begin the process,
but comes with a wide open door to customize your paper goods to
your liking.  There are even opportunities to have unique designs
incorporated into the templates. So it's a win-win option!

- The Custom Experience -

The custom experience is for the bride who is
passionately in love with all things paper and is a "visionary".
This road is thoughtfully detailed, down to every tiny embellishment
and element - and is perfect for the client who's priority is to create a
final product that have never been designed before.